Handsome Puff

This fella is my favorite feline.  Chatty, fluffy, snuggly and a good hunter.  He has his luxurious life inside or out as he decides.  He comes for kitty snacks and pets and then heads off for cozy sun naps and prowling.

Alvin — the new kitten

Then comes Alvin and disrupts the flow of norm.  Puff is getting more used to him, I just have to keep telling him he is top cat.  Alvin is sweet fun and snuggles.  Very social and the epitome of kitten.  He is rambunctious from 6am to 9:30 then zonks out from 9:30 to 1, then back to crazy.  Simon pays him no mind and sleeps through the chaos.

Alvin digs sweet potatoes

We have introduced Alvin to farm life a few times, but as of now he prefers to be safe inside.  I am not sure if the world just seems to big or if he genuinely wants to be an indoor mouser.  My gut says the latter, which is fine by me, although that means your chances of meeting him at pick up are slim.  Sorry : )

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, kale, fennel bulb, hakurei turnip, sweet and hot peppers, leeks, potatoes, green tomatoes, red/green/chinese cabbage, winter squash, parsley