Join Little Ridge Farm CSA and Know your Farmer

We have been growing Little Ridge Farm since 2007, love what we do and appreciate you! Our MOFGA-certified organic produce will be the highlight of your table throughout the year. Join our convenient, flexible CSA and discover what fresh really means. Your tastebuds (young and old, kids and spouses) will thank you for it!

Little Ridge Farm

Our Market Style CSA and Customizable Shares mean more choice and less waste.

Little Ridge Farm signage by the barn

The produce is displayed “market style”, meaning you have the choice of how much and what kind of seasonal produce you want for that week up to a total given weight.

Market-style Summer Harvest Share

Customer Choice/Pick-up at Little Ridge Farm


Summer Shareholders choose from a diverse selection of fresh produce each week during the growing season (June-October). This list provides an idea of when and what items are available. Enjoy farm products for purchase all Summer long, free access to a PYO garden for herbs and flowers, PYO berries for sale by weight, and plenty of sunny days to tour the farm and visit with the animals.

The Market-Style Summer Share weight varies throughout the season. Full shares may receive between 3 and 24 pounds, the average being around 11#/week; half share 5.5#/week. (Average is the total weight distributed, over the entire season, divided by the total number of pick-ups, at least 20 weeks.) Mini Shares are a half share every other week.

The Pre-bagged Customizable Summer Share is $28 worth of produce each pick up, including a selection of 5-9 different veggies.

Maine Harvest Bucks is run by a collaboration of local organizations, allowing for EBT/SNAP recipients to receive 50% off their share price. Learn more HERE | Donate HERE | Sign up HERE

The Market-Style Summer Pick-up days are either Tuesday or Friday from 3-7pm. If you can’t make your pick-up day you may:

  1. Ask to switch pick-up days that week
  2. Send a friend to grab your share
  3. Donate your share to the food bank
  4. Let me know 24 hours in advance, and I’ll bag a share for you to pick up the next day, or text me last minute to bag a a share for you.

Pre-Bagged Customizable Shares are picked up at the desired location in Lisbon, Durham or Pownal. If you can’t make you may switch your pick up location/day for the week.

We offer a work share opportunity that allows one to get a more hands on experience with the farm in exchange for a discount on their share price. Please contact us if you are interested!

EBT/SNAP customers can receive 50% off any share with the Maine Harvest Bucks Program

Customizable Summer Harvest Share

Pre-bagged Share/Pick-up at one of our convenient auxiliary locations.

$28 weekly or bi-weekly, 20 weeks, June-October

This time saving share allows you to customize what veggies you find in your share each week. We will then pack your seasonal share to your liking and deliver it to your chosen location. Drop points in Lisbon, Durham and Pownal.

Each week you may also choose to buy more vegetables or include any add-on items such as dairy, eggs, meat or homemade goods.

Freshly-picked heart-shaped crop
The sunlight peeking through the leaf

Fall & Winter Share

Market-Style / Pick-up at LRF  Full $270  Half $185

Pre-bagged Customizable / Pick-up at Old Crow Ranch, Durham   Full $305  Half $208

This share is designed to make seasonal eating easy! The pick-up is once per month November-April.

The Fall & Winter Share is sized for 2 adults, you may want to purchase two winter shares for larger families or for those who cook at home more often.

Your choice of about 15# of produce from the following list (actual produce may vary from year to year):

  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Turnips
  • Cabbage
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Celeriac
  • Onions
  • Leeks
  • Garlic
  • Winter Radish
  • Winter Squash
  • Parsnips
  • Hearty Greens
  • Plus these Extras to keep your taste buds interested! (will vary depending on the month/year)
    • Frozen berries
    • Fresh spinach
    • Homemade Canned Goods
Thank you for supporting local.


We hope you enjoy the fresh flavor as much as we do!