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The land has been in agriculture since the 1800’s and we’re honored to have continued the tradition since 2009. Our mission is to provide fresh healthful food for the community while maintaining healthy soils, environment and self.

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What is a Farm Share?

CSA Harvest Shares

Shareholders choose from a diverse selection of fresh produce year round.

FarmDrop – our online market

Order online weekly Saturday – Wednesday from a diverse selection of local products and pick up your order here at our farm or Replenova Farm in Durham or Attwood Farm in Poland.

Beef, Pork & Turkey Shares

We believe in rotational grazing for happy animals, healthy soil and high quality meat. Rotational grazing means that the animals are frequently moved to fresh space so that the preceding ground may recover. This method, however, doesn’t sacrifice taste or tenderness. Our animals are extremely happy, healthy and flavorful!

By becoming a shareholder at Little Ridge Farm, you have the opportunity to build a relationship between your food, the land it was grown on and the people who grew it. This marketing method is called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Community Supported Agriculture translated means “food with a farmer’s face on it”. The concept began in Japan in the 1960’s and has since spread through Europe and the United States.

Summer Pick-up days are either Tuesday or Friday from 3-7pm. If you can’t make your pick-up day you may:

  1. Send a friend to grab your share
  2. Donate your share to the food bank
  3. Let me know and I’ll bag a share for you to pick up the next day.

Shareholders have free access to a PYO garden with flowers and herbs.  We also have PYO strawberries and raspberries for sale exclusively for shareholders.

We offer a work share opportunity that allows one to get a more hands on experience with the farm in exchange for a discount on their share price. Please contact us if you are interested!

The cows are rotated through a pasture that we lease from a neighbor. Rotational grazing promotes soil growth, pasture health and cow health. The cows are moved every few days to fresh grass enabling them to choose the healthiest grass rather than overgraze the entire pasture. They have 24 hour access to water and shade.

All of the animals are born on a family farm in Wales, Maine. Because I have limited pasture and winter shelter, some of the beef is finished there in the same fashion we do here.

Their entire life is spent outside rooting in fresh grass! As soon as they have dug up their space, we move the pigs to fresh pasture. We plant cover crops (grasses) where the pigs just moved from to keep the soil healthy and covered to prevent erosion and compaction. We supplement their grazing diet with certified organic grain and other fruits and vegetables culled from the fields. They have a moveable hut to take a shady nap in during the day and to get cozy in at night. They receive plenty of fresh water and scratches behind the ears. We love hanging out with them and laughing at their happy life.

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Pasture Raised


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