All Pork Shares Are Sold!

How Are Our Pigs Raised?

Their entire life is spent outside rooting in fresh grass! As soon as they have dug up their space, we move the pigs to fresh pasture. We plant cover crops (grasses) where the pigs just moved from to keep the soil healthy and covered to prevent erosion and compaction. We supplement their grazing diet with certified organic grain and other fruits and vegetables culled from the fields. They have a moveable hut to take a shady nap in during the day and to get cozy in at night. They receive plenty of fresh water and scratches behind the ears. We love hanging out with them and laughing at their happy life.

A woman with a pig

What Are the Benefits From Eating Our Pastured Pigs?

  • Pigs have the amazing ability to absorb vitamin D through their skin (we do too, although not as much of our skin is exposed). This vitamin D is then transferred to you through the fat and meat that you consume.
  • Pastured animals have 2-10 times more Omega-3 fatty acids than grain fed animals. This “good” fat originates in green plants and is known to lower blood pressure and the risk of several diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
  • FLAVOR! Our meat is full of flavor and juice. Plus they lived a happy pig life.

“We went camping up on the Schoodic Peninsula last week and took a cooler full of frozen meat. Just when I thought the pork chops couldn’t taste better, turns out covered in maple syrup, smoked sea salt and butter and cooked on a tiny coleman stove make them even more yummy! (must be eaten with your winter hat on outside.)”

How Is Your Meat Packaged and Priced?

The pigs are butchered at a local USDA inspected facility. The cuts are vacuum-sealed in individual packages and flash frozen. So the meat you receive is the freshest possible. There are several ways one may want to have their portion of the pig butchered. When you order, be sure to fill out a cut selection form to specify your cuts.

Fresh vs. Cured (Nitrate-Free) You may choose to have your ham steaks, hams and bacon cured or just the bacon. Cured means, the meat is soaked in a nitrate-free, salted brine then smoked in a smoke house. The meat will still need to be cooked. If you choose to have any part of your pork cured, it will arrive about 3 weeks after the fresh cuts, due to curing time.

The meat is sold as price per # according to the hanging weight. This weight is how much the carcass weighs after it has been butchered but before it has been divided into individual cuts. Generally 70-75% of the hanging weight is actual meat. For example, if you order a half a pig and the hanging weight is 125# your balance due is $687.50 (approximately–this price is subject to change $5.50 x 125#). You will receive about 94# of actual meat bringing your actual cost to $7.31/#.

An example of a half pig package may include:

  • Pork chops 15- 2# packages (2 chops/pkg.)
  • Country Style Spare Ribs 5- 2# packages
  • Fresh Picnic Roast 1-4#
  • Cured Hams 2- 4#
  • Cured Ham Steaks 8- 1 ½#
  • Bacon 10- 1#
  • Sausage 10- 1# packages
  • Fat Back 1-10# package
  • Liver, Heart and Tongue
Thank you for supporting local.


We hope you enjoy the fresh flavor as much as we do!