Happy Summer Solstice!  The word “light” brings me an abundance of positive images and feelings.  Of course generally I spend my days outside; this solstice I also spent 2 evenings and nights outside.  I watched the evening sun set, the stars emerge, the waning moon rise; then listened as the birds welcomed the warming morning sun.  Calm, peaceful, full of soft greens and the scent of roses (and one late night a skunk), owl calls, kitty purrs and Simon’s yogic breathing.  Cozy on a nest of blankets, Simon, Puffa and I welcomed each others light in.

This guy (the one in the foreground) brings SO MUCH JOY and LIGHT to many.  His wagging hellos and sloppy kisses, belly rolls for belly rubs, puppy dog eyes pleading for even more doggie snacks, antics in the field…. He may no longer be able to go on hikes or canoes, but his light still shines in every meeting.  We had a scare with him this past week, thinking he had had a stroke. Turns out to be an “old dog disease” called Vestibular, basically vertigo.  Thinking we had to say good-bye, we settled in and loved on him….never one for spooning, he even let us do so and allowed Puffa to snuggle him deeply.  Of course we know he will not go on forever, but we are grateful he should recover from this and that we can continue to bathe in his light and happy dog breath.  Phew!  What an emotional week!!!

I hope you find light in unexpected places this week.  And as we slowly march back to less, that you can always keep some in the corner of your mind.  Thank you for all your love and support <3

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, beets with greens, kohl rabi, cheap fills (lightly spicy greens mix), red cloud tat soi, kale, gold ball turnip, parsnip, carrot, black radish