Time to Get Your Cuke On!

I believe summer is here!  The heat is rolling in and so are the heat loving veggies!
Most of the cukes I grow are pickling cucumbers.  There may be a crate out containing two longer (one real long and one sort of long) that are not–but it should be obvious. 
The various shades of yellow come from the Phoona Keerna cuke and its slighter thicker skin is perfect for crunchy pickles.  No they are not overripe cucumbers!  Geeze, what kind of farmer do you think I am?  : )
Tomatoes are making their way onto the scene as well, with eggplant and melons not far behind.  The bit of rain was much needed but this humidity sure is not.  It makes farming not only physically more challenging, but it also presents air flow problems for plants…and plants like good air flow…  Anyway, harvest, harvest, harvest is mostly what we are doing these days and it is keeping me out working longer hours in order to keep up with the other tasks that still need doing.  (Hence the late blog post this week.)  And today, well, I think we just may be dodging lighting bolts most of the day.  And by the end of the week?  Well, by then, I just may be a pool of mush, melted from the heat.  Sweat equity?  Yes, I think I’ve got that covered : )
This week’s BOUNTY: lettuce, beets, summer carrots, zukes, ss, cukes, beans! scallions, hakurei, fennel, kale, chard, broccoli, sugar snap peas, basil, garlic scapes and a tomato(?)
Yes you can!  … freeze fennel and kohl rabi
The Farmer’s Table:
*Salad with leftover chicken, home made green goddess dressing, crutons (paul’s bread), cukes, radish, parmaseasn and our 1st tomato
*pasta with sautéed zucchini, summer squash….
*panko baked chicken legs from Sunnyside farm and sautéed hakueir and greens
*Beef Soup Bone with sugur snap peas, new pottoes (coming to you next week), kale, scallions, zuchinni and tomato
*Pulled pork shoulderwith coleslaw made with last week’s tendersweet cabbage and a home made blueberry sauce
*Sour cherry (from our tree!, but you can use any fruit) Clafoutis — made by Keena!

The Shareholder’s Table:

A new favorite recipe.  I followed this to the tee, until I decided to put hakurei turnips in with the squash.   Everything else the same.  LOVED it.  Served it with grilled polska kielbasa.