Happy 4th!

Wow I cannot believe it is JULY!  The weather has been all over the place it is hard to keep track of the time of year.  The rain (6″!) was maybe a bit much but yesterday’s drier air made the farm glow bright.  We have a very small window right now to do a load of weeding before summer’s harvest really kicks in (zucchini and summer squash are nearly ready!)  If anyone has the hankering to get outside and pull some weeds voluntarily, let me know!

Meet Chuck, the Chukar (pronounced choo-kar).  Many of you have seen him around the pick up barn.  He is in the pheasant family and naturally lives out west in small groups.  However, it is common for folks to release them here for bird hunting.  He is cute little fellow, lonely but shy.  We have invited him to hang out here and possibly hang with the turkeys, although he has not met them yet.  Unfortunately he likes to walk along the road and someone almost hit him yesterday.  When she stopped, she knew what it was as she had had one in her yard and put it in with her chickens.  Anyone’s chickens looking for a friend?  They eat grass and grass seeds so they won’t cost too much in grain : )
The turkeys are silly as ever and are growing quickly.  They are ready for some adventure; running circles in their pen and jumping as high as they can.  They are quite the entertainment…the pigs now have competition! Hope you have some silliness in your life and are enjoying your veg as you chuckle. New items are coming on every week, it’s fun to walk around the farm!  Feel free to poke around and get some fresh air.
This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, beets with greens, snap peas, parsnips, broccoli, kohl rabi, hakurei, cilantro, parsley, garlic scapes, green onion
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