Late Summer Colors

Many signs are pointing toward fall. Even though the winter squash vines are tired, the bright fruit hidden within is a treat.  We escaped the onslaught of squash bugs this years, so many are perfectly beautiful.  These beauties will last us into February/March!
My favorite harvest — peppers!  They take so long to color red ripe but it is oh so worth the wait!  Juicy crunchy and super sweet, I can eat several a day.  They are a prize I feel.  Something so expensive in the store and something I never buy.  It is one of my most favorite seasonal vegetables.
Hoping for a wee bit more of rain if you are up for another rain dance.  Lots of plants still need a bit more love to grow to their full potential.  This time of year we cover the soil with “cover crop” (pictured above).  Different cover crops have different attributes like adding nutrients or organic matter but they all protect the soil (preventing soil erosion).  The bigger the better!

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, beans, onions, melons, corn, hakurei, peppers, broccoli, edemame, dill, cilantro, basil, fennel 

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