The farm is lush and that brightens my day.  This field holds all of the fall brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) and storage brassicas (radish, cabbage) and it is looking gorgeous!  It is located right over the ridge, so feel free to pop over and gaze.  It has felt a bit of a waiting game this year (for crops to ripen) and we were happy to harvest some broccoli today and see that the corn and beans are not far behind.  And my walk through the winter squash proved for a promising yield.  The cukes and zukes I do not believe are going to pull out of their slow motion, so this week we have bought in some cukes from nearby organic farms to supplement your cravings.  I have been eating the odd shaped ones at lunch and they are crunchy and sweet despite their unappealing veil.  We also shared a lovely watermelon today at the picnic table and we hope that you noshed lovingly on melons last week and that they made you smile.

Alvin found us sans benny while transplanting spinach this morning.  He was happy for the attention, as were we.  What a funny guy.  We are still working on dampening his desire to chase the cats.  It is all for play, but now that Benny has gotten bigger, the cats do not find it too amusing.  One day, I do still hold out hope that these two will be buddies ….

This Week’s Bounty:  kale, cucumber, beet medley, onion, hakurei turnip, tomato, hot pepper, basil, dill, parsley