Alvin found a Benny-free opportunity and helped us plant beets and “cattails”.  What a cutie this fella is.  The past 2 weeks were the last push of transplanting.  We will still have more to do, but not in the tens of thousands of plants strata, like this time.  Winter beets, turnips and radish.  It still feels a little silly transplanting these (because he plants are so small and they are planted so close together), but in the end, we get a much better crop; we KNOW they are germinated, in the ground and we get a bit of a head start on the weeds….a.k.a. crab grass grrrrrrrrr!!!

We have been having prickly fun harvesting these sunny fellas along with cucumbers and zucchini.  They are bringing nice flavor to our dinners as well!  The above photo is of Jaune et Verte patty pan squash.  Meaning “yellow and green”, they are happy and cute and can be used just like any summer squash.  I love to slice them about 1/4″ and sauté until crispy brown and eat them with my morning eggs, summer lunch and dinner!

ALSO NOTE:  the yellow cucumbers are DELISH!  I will write about them next week :)

The photo does not prove justice, but this full rainbow over the farm was just delightful last Thursday.  Hope you are finding happy spots amongst the rain too : )


This Week’s Bounty: onion, pac choi, celery, chard, zucchini, summer squash, cucumber, tomato (max 1lb)