Today brings air quality issues to Maine from the fires of Canada.  Lucky for us we have not dealt with this much this year, but others in the NE sure have.  That and rain.  So much rain for VT and NH and parts of NY.  Farming is never easy but environmental issues and weather continue to impact farms more and more.  Eating seasonally and locally not only supports farms, but it keeps beautiful farmland open and not developed (a bonus for the environment and your property value), it allows for local sustainability, safety and supply of food (think of how much you relied on your local farmer during the pandemic) AND lastly it is good for you!  Not only does it support your brain and immune system, but by being flexible in your seasonal eating, it does not “stress” you as much when something is not available.  Every season brings a slightly different flare to ‘seasonal easting’; and that is something to celebrate!


Today’s harvest felt a bit of a challenge.  After Sunday’s rain, most crops still seems ok (except the lettuce, sorry no lettuce this week), but it’s the rapid growth of weeds and crops.  Holy moly the GRASS is so tall.  We get soaked harvesting from the dew.  It felt like September with the amount of humidity.  Keeping our fingers crossed for some dry air to knock down any disease that might be thinking about moving in.  On the bright side, we harvested our first zucchini and summer squash today!!!  Soon there will be cucumbers and tomatoes are there, just green, but before you know it they will be red!

The animals are happy and keeping us in good spirits and entertained.  My brother and his family are visiting for CA so everyone is getting a good dose of love from my 3 nieces : )

This Week’s Bounty: kale, purplette onions, broccoli, snap peas, summer squash/zucchini (full shares) a cabbage, garlic scapes, dill, cilantro