Seedling Time!

Pac Choi Seedlings

The greenhouse is filling up with colorful seedlings and we continue to seed weekly, gearing up for loads of transplanting .  It would be nice if the greenhouse were a wee bit larger, but luckily, we tend to move plants outside to harden off just as new trays get seeded.  This week, we are pulling out several to transplant into the hoop houses (the unheated greenhouses you can see from the barn).  The two hoop houses grow winter/early spring greens and summer tomatoes and basil.  These houses are AMAZING but lots of hand labor.  Most of the time I cannot get the tractor in to work the soil, so we must do everything by hand (pull out old plants, add new nutrients, loosen the soil, rake….)  They produce wonderful products and off season treats, but it is no easy feat :)


 Winter Sweet Squash

This beautiful squash has become my favorite over the last few years.  The flavor is sweet yet complex and the texture is fine on my palette; dry and flaky.  It holds well in stews and root bakes, but it also smooths out to a nice thick soup.  EXTRA BONUS: it holds incredibly well in storage!  I know many of you are butternut freaks, but trust me on this one :)


This is the last Winter Share pick-up and we are filling up fast for Summer shares, be sure to nab yours now. 

We have some new options this year, allowing for those folks who are too busy to come to the farm, to pick up at a convenient location in Lisbon, Durham or Pownal.  You still get to cater your share though!  Rate your veggie preferences, or swap veg from week to week through our new CSA platform.


Thank you for loving Little Ridge Farm!!