nice sized beets

I just checked the rain gauge and it was overflowing which means we have received more than 6 hard inches in the last 4 days.  That is more than received all summer and spring.  I did a little walk around this morning and luckily despite the intensity of the rain, there is standing water but no erosion.  Weather has been the talk of the people since conversation started, and as a farmer, the focus of my “when to do list”.  Both extreme dry and intense wet bring their troubles and we are feeling it on both ends right now.  The summer’s drought slowed plant growth which we are seeing especially in our fall beets, turnips and radishes.  Also in the hundreds of cauliflower plants that are SO CLOSE to making a head but not quite.  We do what we can and move things around…this year we are saving our storage-sized roots for fall and winter and serving up baby beets with greens in the last of the summer shares.  We are also trading some of our sweet pepper bounty for winter roots.  And now, with the super wet, we are hoping we can plant our garlic and dig our winter carrots without sinking into oblivion!


Halloween in New Orleans

Zach had a conference in New Orleans last week, so I headed our for a long weekend to meet him and partake in the wonders of NOLA.  It was great weather, amazing music, impromptu parades, super nice folks and incredible Halloween decorations.  This bride and groom are riding alligators!!

Here we are, the end of the Summer Share season!  Despite the difficult weather, I am astonished and grateful what this land gifted us.  Nourishment and diversity year round, for nearly 200 families or 600 people it’s quite astonishing.  We hope to see you soon and enjoy the blessings of good food with us.

This Week’s Bounty: kale, tat soi, baby beets with greens, onion, garlic, pepper, carrot, winter squash, green tomato, fennel bulb, parsley, cilantro