edamame soybeans

Edamame soybean time!  A fun treat for snacking.  1. Pluck the pods from the stem  2. Boil until soft 3. “pop” the beans from the pod right into your mouth!

I also like to put salt and oil on the pods after they are cooked and then slide the pod through your mouth to get a little flavor with each bite.

deer disaster

We harvested the rest of the corn today.  Sadly the deer got to at least 5 dozen.  This photo is from right in the center of the patch, so I will give them that they are stealthy.  I will also take it as a compliment that they kept coming back for more.  It was a deliciously sweet crop of corn!!

John and Simon

Simon tends to follow us around the farm (albeit much slower than he used to).  Most of the time, he takes shelter in the shade of the truck or plops down off in the grass.  But sometimes, he insists on being right where we are.  And this morning was one of those times.  He helped me harvest soybeans and then insisted on laying in the lettuce bed (luckily we had already harvested where he is laying!).  As I went to take the photo though, Simon got shy and put his head down.  This is John telling him to look at the camera : )

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, kale, edamame, onion, hot pepper, cucumber, summer squash, hakurei turnip, beans, tomato, corn