Fall Cauliflower and Cabbage

The bit of rain we have received has happily brightened things up!!  I notice it just driving around; the roadside vegetation looks more alive and bright.  On the farm, the fall crops (broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage) have noticeably grown and some summer crops that were struggling (eggplant, beans) have actually put on flowers!!  Now I just hope there is enough season left to let those flowers transform into fruit!  It has certainly made me happier walking around the farm.  Now when I flip on the irrigation, I feel like I am giving the plants a treat rather than hoping to keep them alive.

Juliet Tomatoes

Even the hoop house tomatoes are doing better!  Seems strange that rain would affect plants that are under a huge cover, but I think the ground water was so low that the irrigation in the tunnel was getting wicked away.  Both the field and tomatoes have kicked it up a notch and are beautiful to harvest.  Be sure to order bulk now before they go!  It’s a short season we wait all year for, make it last!!

Bill’s Bagels

And do not forget all of the special treats you can supplement your CSA share with on FarmDrop!  (Or get a taste of the farm if you are not a shareholder, including bulk tomatoes and basil.)  We have added, Bill’s bagels, and they have SO MANY flavors; blueberry, asiago, cinnamon raisin and even chocolate chip!  Order online Saturday thru Wednesday and pick up in Lisbon, Durham or Poland.  Check out your local producers and eat like a local food hero!

This Week’s Bounty: kale, carrots, broccolini (limited), hot peppers, leeks, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, summer sq, basil, parsley + chinese cabbage, tomatoes and melon