Harvesting “oranges”

I couldn’t help but imagine I was harvesting beautiful oranges in the hoop house yesterday.  Although they do not taste like an orange, their insides are as delicious as their cheery outside looks.  We grow for flavor here but also try and find varieties that hold up at least from harvest to your home.  Don’t be shy however to try and “funny” looking veg, somethimes they are the most flavorful!

Hoop house cukes

So we still have to bend over, but they are good looking!  I think next year, I will “clip” them to the trellis as they begin their growth and see if that trains them up rather than out.  Hoping this succession will last into September when all the field cukes are tired!

Moving into fun new veggies this week and next (sweet and hot peppers, potatoes, leeks …. )  before we know it, we will be harvesting winter squash.  Geesch the year has flown by.  Hope you have been enjoying every bite!!  We got .35″ of rain yesterday … every bit counts!

This Week’s Bounty: chard, sweet and hot peppers, potatoes, onions, cukes, zukes, summer squash, broccolini, tomato, garlic, parsley, basil