Rainbow Lunch

This is the time of year that my breakfast, lunch and snack all look about the same.  Fresh cukes, peppers and tomatoes —- delish!!  The tomatoes are not as prolific as last year, but they are oh so YUM.  And the cukes have slowed down (phew!) but we have a new planting that will be ready soon!!  This year, I purposefully planted a 2nd planting of cukes in the new high tunnel to hopefully get us a little further into fall; I know how you all love your cucumbers!

A sea of cucurbits

The drought has certainly taken a toll this year on the vitality of many plants (and me!), but the Cucurbit (summer squash, cucumbers, melons & winter squash) field is a dream of green.  This field keeps me happy and my spirits up.  We just started to harvest melons from here and the zukes and summer squash are still going strong!  We cover this entire field with landscape fabric which keeps the weeds down and the moisture more in than out.  I have been joking that I need to rename the farm “Crabby Hill Farm” due to all of the crab grass we have to wade through (it likes it dry), so this field is a wonderful reprieve from that!

water fight

These doofuses are like kids.  When one has a toy (that the others had absolutely no interest in until Tommy picked it up) they ALL decide they want the toy.  I was trying to add another water tank in their pen (they have a full one right beside this one) and they were obsessed with trying to get a sip from it all at once.  I had to stand there and hold it until it filled enough so they didn’t knock it over :/


This Week’s Bounty: kale, celery, broccolini, pac choi, eggplant, red tropea onion, baby carrots, tomato, cukes, zukes, summer squash, basil, melon