“Looks like I have some new neighbors”

Greetings!  It’s always fun to see friends in the fields.  As long as they do not eat our plants, they are welcome.  The deer have been THUROUGHLY enjoying all those pepper plants we planted.  Hot or sweet, guess the leaves all taste yummy to them.  I suppose I should take it as a compliment, however, I am not feeling very generous.  Grrrrrr.

Worker Bees Goofing Off

This crew one must keep an eye on : )  No, seriously, I am ever so grateful for Dave (left), Ken (goofy antler guy) and Simon for their volunteer help.  They added the fascia rake today, so now we are ready for the metal roof!

Chinese Cabbage

This versatile cabbage is many people’s favorite for asian style slaws or spring rolls.  You can also use them as wraps, in soup, as a topping ….. check out out our Facebook page and share your favorite recipe!

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, arugula, spicy greens mix, chinese cabbage, chard, scallions, broccoli, parsnip, radish, cilantro, dill, parsley, garlic scapes, basil snippets