spinach plants

The greenhouse is my haven this time of year. It is lush and smells of life. These spinach plants are being planted today, along with beets, in Crow and Raven (the two hoop houses). We are dressed in full rain gear with winter garb underneath (there is hurricane like weather). Although it is not raining (of course) in the hoop house, the wind is pushing and pulling the plastic…. and it is loud!! No talking today, just thinking inside our own heads with the occasional yelling to communicate something. Not every “office” day here is sunny, but we still love it : )

pepper seedlings

These cuties are our pepper plants for the year. They popped up happy in green in record time and will be transplanted from these tiny cells into larger pots next week. Excitedly, we have partnered up with Turtle Rock Farm again this year to grow thousands of pounds of hot and sweet peppers and paste tomatoes for her delicious creations. We look forward to our harvest and seeing what becomes of them in both Jenn’s and YOUR kitchens!

off-farm excitement

Zach’s 50th birthday was this month and so we took a trip to Brooklyn, NY. We hit wonderful weather and walked and walked public pathways and commuted via the ferry, catching amazing views of the Manhattan skyline. One highlight meal was at Cafe Mogador. This is a Sabich (pronounced Sa-beek) sandwich — full of roasted eggplant, hummus, cabbage and onion salad and a hard boiled egg, with a side of amba (a sort of tangy mango, pepper sauce). So beautiful I didn’t want to bite into it! There are so many internationally inspired meals we can create with our products we raise here on the farm by just tweaking they way they are combined or spiced. I am hoping to inspire you all to share your recipe/cooking ideas (international or not) via our instagram and facebook pages this year so we can all share in the deliciousness. I realize that coming up with a meal plan is often the hardest part, so I am hoping this will create some inspiration : )

SUMMER SHARES start in May — reserve your spot now!

Many folks tell me their kids (and husbands) will only eat vegetables from Little Ridge Farm …

hop on the fork and taste the love!