A Happy Duck Day!

Feels like April and the ducks are quacking about it! They have been getting their exercise waddling to and fro and needling their bills into every puddle. And they are oh. so .chatty. If you give them a second, they just keep going on and on and on, chattering about their day and their feelings and well, who really knows, but it seems like everything! And this morning, nearly marking Spring Equinox, they laid their first egg since the Winter Solstice. So connected, I love it.

Greens are Back!

You will be excited to see spinach in the Winter CSA share this month. And if you are hankering for some in between, you can buy it on FarmDrop! Part of yesterday was spent prepping Raven, the new hoop house, for direct seeding of lettuce, dill and cilantro. You will be swimming in greens before you know it!

Simon, the cutest helper ever

Simon has been enjoying the new smells of pre-spring and “helping” me on the farm. This is his “it’s 4pm and I am ready for dinner” look. We have been busy in the green house seeding onions, beets, cabbage and more. Each week the seeding will increase and by the end of the month tomatoes and peppers will be starting!

We are super excited about this season! I have been accepted into 2 of the 3 (still waiting to hear on the third) grant programs I applied for. The 2 I have been awarded, Farms for the Future and MOFGA’s Resilience in Farming, I am very, very stoked about. I am not expanding per se, but rather trying to strengthen the farm’s assets and flexibility. I have a vision of a second barn with greater winter vegetable storage space, insulated work and winter CSA space, and a community space for cooking classes, yoga, small party rentals… These grants will help research my idea, making sure it is viable, hone it and begin to implement it.

Spread the news about how much you love Little Ridge Farm! And let me know if you have ways to advertise or ways to “talk” to folks; ie what would drive your friends into joining our CSA? is it price? organic? buying local? free choice? what do they need? Help me know what a ‘non-farmer looking for food’ buying habits/needs are and keep Little Ridge Farm the best CSA in town : )