Welcome 2022!

As the new and longer light filters in, we here at Little Ridge are taking time to research new ideas, reflect on the 2021 growing season, sleep, snuggle with Simon & Puffa and eat well. Very, very well. We hope you, too, are finding time for rest, reflection and restorative eating. I am grateful for the bit of time I took in the summer to freeze corn, peas, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and fruit; and am amazed at the nutrient dense meals created with winter squash, beets, cabbage, carrots and other wonderous root veggies. We bought a couple fermentation books by husband and wife team, Kirsten and Christopher Shockey, and have been enjoying experimenting with their recipes. One of my favorites is Curtido. It is a simple ferment of cabbage, carrot, onion and garlic. Crunchy, flavorful and full of vitamins!

The animals (ducks too!) are cozy and happy and look forward to seeing you soon!! Many mornings I am about to get up and Puffa finds his way onto the bed, and so, well, I have to sleep in a bit more : ) He is my restorative purring machine! Simon still loves his winter walks (although now more of a stroll) and snow rolls. His sniffer is still amazing and can search out rodents, but they are mostly too fast for him now. That is ok, he is till the best dog around.

We are filling up Summer Share spots — reserve yours now and enjoy the Bounty of Little Ridge Farm!