Ruby and Caroline (and Simon photo bombing in the back :)

I am not sure how it happened, but I did not write a Thanksgiving Blog. The extended warm weather had me in a different mind set, I suppose! So this month I will join all Holiday Festivities!! Thanksgiving brought Zach’s sister and her family from PA. Ruby, our niece, was SO IN LOVE with the ducks (understandably so). They each had a turn in her arms and Caroline even got to come in the house! The ducks loved all the extra attention and enjoyed evenings at the fire pit and days on short walks and moving firewood. They miss their friend, Ruby, but they make do following me around and helping to clean things up.

Amazing Farm Crew of 2021!

As many of you know, I LOVE Thanksgiving. It’s not just for the flavor of pastured turkey and home-grown potatoes and pumpkin pie, but for the pure essence of the holiday…to be thankful. A reminder of how blessed we are with a multitude of wonder in this life: seeds, earth, growth, sunshine… This year we had a Gratitude party to celebrate all the amazing folks who put in hours and hours into helping Little Ridge Farm shine for you. It was a fun Sunday of food and drink and farm stories. So “Cheers!” to the amazing farm crew and many others who have shed work and love on this piece of charmed earth.

Ruby and her posse (and her brother Joe photobombing in the back :)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!! I hope it is filled with good food and warmth and time for restoration. We are well underway in planning for 2022 (seeds are already ordered!) and we look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.

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