Turnip Harvest

Fall harvest has begun! Despite the warmer weather, we are pushing forward bringing storage crops in. Last week we harvested 3000# of carrots, 1000# of beets and 500# of tomatoes for the Good Shepherd Food bank and 1000# of these turnips will be for them too. The state has been funding a tremendous program called “Mainers Feeding Mainers” where the food bank contracts with growers to grow certain crops for the food bank. Although farmers still donate additional tens of thousands of pounds of fresh produce a year to the food bank, this program is a win win for all; clients receive fresh, first quality produce and farmers get a wage. We have been a part of this program for the last 6 years in addition to the food we donate and it has been a good source of income for us as well as a healthy community investment.

Fall “Christmas” tree

What a pepper year!! So fun to harvest and to eat; crunchy, juicy and sweet!! We have SO MANY hot peppers too — if you know of anyone who would needs tens of pounds, let us know!


These little ladies are still cracking us up. Here, Frieda is partaking in Jean’s morning tea. Luckily it was not caffeinated, those ducks do not need any more jazz!!!

This Week’s Bounty: tat soi/pac choi, green cabbage/chinese cabbage, onions, sweet/hot pepper, fennel bulb, tomato, kale, parsley, garlic, winter squash, carrot