Summer Celery

Late August is the time of year where the farm starts to transition: the zucchini get tired and make way for the melons, the cucumbers wane but he tomatoes are cranking and the first winter squash are starting to look ripe. It’s a bitter sweet time for me as it means all of our hard work is about to fade. Fade into our storage bins and bellies, which ultimately is the whole goal, however I like seeing the patchwork of vegetables on the horizon, the lush stalks and bright bulbs, and harvesting takes that all away. For several more weeks, I still get that view, and the view of colored balls dotting the tomato plants every few days, so I will soak in each moment and give thanks for every bite.

I will admit I have no more photos for the week — it is 1pm and I still need to head out and harvest for more CSA. It’s hot and humid and a change of clothes I am hoping will make the afternoon more bearable. There are lots of new crops in this week’s share and in the week’s to come, we hope you enjoy!!

This Week’s bounty: lettuce mix, kale, celery, broccolini, zukes, summer squash, cukes, tomatoes, new red potatoes, onion, parsley, cilantro … I was going to do peppers & garlic, but I Think i will run out of time, so next week!