We have decided that the pigs are like toddlers and that if we don’t give them constant entertainment, they will seek self entertainment which inevitably leads to trouble. Here the pigs have decided to “play” with their tarp, tearing half of it down. Most of the pigs are laying under the tarp, with it laying right on top of them like a blanket. (Hand to forehead emoji) The spotted pig walking toward me was caught wrestling with the corner of the tarp before I walked up….bad bad pigs.

Pigs “helping” to fix the tarp

After the toddlers woke from their nap, they were very excited for a visitor and jumped right up to “help” me. I needed to reset the posts and they tried to use their snouts, however pounding metal on soft noses is a delicate combo….

the fun patch

I was able to fix the tarp, despite the pigs : ) This weekend I opened their patch up to enclose some more space so they are once again entertained, however brief and bittersweet. I have decided to have them dig up most of the asparagus. I am sad to let it go, but the grass has taken over and the yields are too low for the maintenance it requires. Perennial crops in an organic system is not the easiest, but we are grateful for all it provided.

digging taters

The last couple weeks have been eventful. Lots and lots to harvest, which is wonderful; the turkeys are big enough to go outside, which is fun (the ducks are thrilled) and the tractor broke, not so good. I put a call out to a friend and shareholder and he so very graciously loaned me his. It is WAY newer than mine and although I love my tractor, there are a few (many) benefits to this newer one. My mechanic came and picked up my tractor today, so hopefully it will be fixed soon (and not too expensively) and when it returns maybe I will not be too spoiled by the newer tractor? We will see : )

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, chard, kale, kohl rabi, cukes, zukes, squash, beans (yellow and green), alliums of sorts (leeks or onions), new red potatoes, broccolini and a few tomatoes!