Rainbows over the Good Life

Alright. Alright. I am EVER SO GRATEFUL for the rain. But…if I could hit pause for a bit and especially on the humidity I would. Sort of like the Wicked Witch of the East? West? I forget which, we and the plants “am melting”. The plants literally. it is crazy what humidity does to vegetables and fruit. Speaking of fruit — PICK RASPBERRIES!!! they are plentiful but will not be around for much longer.

Patty Pan Summer Squash

HARVEST TIME!! we are barely keeping up. We are diving head first into plants with prickles (squash and cukes), bending over broccoli trying hard to keep our backs flat and spending hours at a time on our knees harvesting tens of thousands of beans! It is super satisfying to see the harvest and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Slicing cukes

I should have taken pics of the veggies I want to school you on, however I did not have the foresight, so it will have to be on description : ) There are a few zucchini and cucumbers that always are left in the crate after pick up and I think it is more you are “afraid” than you “do not like them” because I think they are the best tasting in the bunch!

To sum up what I am about to explain: the ugly ones always taste best. Trust me.

Yellow Cucumbers: are called Poona Kheerna — Originally from Poona, India, this very unusual cucumber matures into what looks like a large russet potato. Smooth-skinned fruits turn from white to golden-yellow to russet brown and may be eaten at any stage, skin and all. Tender, crisp, and delicious. We harvest them at all stages — they hold up great in salads and soups

Bulbous Pale Green Zucchini: are called Magda — Lebanese in heritage, nutty and succulent.

Funky Tomatoes: we are growing a few heirloom varieties and they are traditionally delicate with exceptional flavor. They often may have green shoulders, cracks or cat facing (scrunched up flesh) but they taste amazing!

This Week’s Bounty: zucchini, summer squash, cucumber, broccolini, beans (yellow and green), golden beets with greens, onions, fennel bulb, parsley and basil