June 8th and 11th

Flowering Tat Soi

Alright it’s hot. Very hot. And very dry. We could use another dash of rain, please. This week we had to put off transplanting as the plants would have perished in the heat. I am hoping Wednesday the temps will cool enough so we can plant as it takes a lot of time and water to keep them happy in their pots. The nice thing about watering is that it’s not difficult and one can cool their arms in the deep well water : ) The heat has caused some plants to grow a bit wild in the field. The tat soi will not look like your typical, but the leaves and flowers are spicy sweet and are a great addition to stir fry and eggs.

“Papa” John and the 3 Ducklings

We have adopted 3 cute little ducks! They have been a source of entertainment the past couple weeks. Thursday, they will be 3 weeks old and they have already quadrupled in size. They love following us around, exploring, eating bugs and putting just about anything (including our fingers) in their mouth. Welcome to Caroline (yellow), lePeep (brown and yellow) and Freida (black)! You might just see them at pick up, or you are welcome to visit them in our yard above the flower garden.

First Strawberry of 2021

The strawberries are looking great and are starting to ripen! I will keep you posted as to when pyo open, but i would guess in a week or so : )

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce mix, flowering tat soi, pac choi, kale, carrots, parsnip, onion, dill, cilantro