Welcome Spring!

Welcome Spring!  And welcome to my new Blog Post landing site!  I am trying to make my website more streamline, so I am moving from Blogger to WordPress —  this post might look a little funny because I do not know how to use WordPress yet and it is another sunny gorgeous day (the last before a Nor’easter hits us) so I am anxious to get back outside!

I BELIEVE WE HAVE migrated all previous subscribers to this new platform, but you can subscribe at the bottom of this page and it will let you know if your email address is already on our list.

THANK YOU for being a part of the Little Ridge Farm Community!!

We are at it again!  Building another hoop house to make early season greens more plentiful, the soil healthier by allowing better crop rotations and the shoulder seasons (early spring/late fall) less stressful by not having to pull crops out (that are sometimes still producing) in order to get new crops in.

It is a BIG JOB and I am grateful for my volunteers and crew — if anyone is interested in volunteering to help, let me know!

Two AMAZING advances in our building…

For some reason, I was unaware of this gadget, a gas-powered post pounder.  We pushed through pounding 56 posts nearly 3′ into the ground before it dawned on me that there must be a better way.  And there was!  For a minimal rental fee and a 15 minute drive, we used this beauty and took SO much less time and SO much less muscle fatigue.

The second dream was my neighbor coming up with his tractor that has a sort of “basket” on the front lift, upon which I stood and guided the 17′ tall bows into place.  Again, SUCH a time and back saver — my crew was very happy :) 

Simon, always the crew leader, keeping us inline while doing mouse patrol.  

The weather has enabled us to get this (and other projects) rolling. I am trying not to lose my head in going from 0 to 100 in the span of a few weeks!

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