Summer Skies

Well it felt like it took summer a long time to get here.  Seems crazy that it is the first week of June and in the last month we have had 12″ of snow, 85 and humid, a late frost and a drought. I think the snow (and frost I hope!) is gone for at least 3 months and we were blessed with a soft 1.3″ of rain this weekend.  The plants have responded beautifully.  And we are planting plants as fast as we can!
We are excited about this week’s pick up and its glorious early greens, spring dug parsnips and delectable herbs.  A few of these greens may be new to you, but I encourage you to try them!  Above is tat soi.  The last frost and dry forced it into flowering but the flowers are sweet and tender.  you may dice it up and eat it raw, saute them lightly, fold them into your eggs or make a quiche!
Pac choi is crunchy and light flavored.  You can make it into a slaw, steam, saute or grill.  It is lovely tossed last minute into a hot soup (think ramen).
This is a recipe we tried from Food & Wine magazine (we are not sure how we are getting the magazine nor who is paying for it, but there are unique recipes in it!).  Chili-Mint Parsnips.  Different than the usual and super good!  It called for dried barberries … don’t actually know what those are but we had some goji berries on hand and they were perfect!

I hope this blog finds you with a smile on your face and a calm in your heart.  It has certainly been an emotional 2020, highlighted with uncertainty.  I am grateful for the certainties I can hold onto, like that a seed will germinate and provide vital nutrition, that the earth provides even when we push it to its limits, that the sun still comes up and the moon still revolves around us … that we are human and have the ability to nurture ourselves and others.  May we take the time to pause, listen and embrace the positive.  Thank you for being a part of this simple farm.  You are a gift and we love what we do.
Blessings on your meal, Keena

This week’s bounty: misfit carrots, pac choi, tat soi, kale, rhubarb, asparagus, parsnip, dill, lovage

The Farmer’s Table: (highlights of our weekly meals)
Chili-Mint Parsnips
Clam Chowder — there are lots of local clams out there right now!
Grilled oysters — and local oysters too!
Forage 7 grain* french toast and our sausage — a breakfast treat : )
Arugula hummus* (from Cranberry Rock Farm) and Smoked pepper goat cheese* (Coppertail Farm)
 *you can find these items on FarmDrop

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