A Touch of Fall

The turkeys are starting to ruffle their feathers in the cooler weather.  They are enjoying their fresh grass and tomatoes that do not make the standard cut.  Quite chatty these days, talk a walk to visit and have a little turkey talk!  
Pumpkins are bright and gorgeous this year.  We have harvested them and a few of the winter squash varieties.  I am hesitant to put them in the share because that means summer is officially over!  Another week, let’s savor the flavors of summer first.

Although many summer crops are getting tired, the fall broccoli and cauliflower are really kicking in.  These bright leaves make me happy.  Every year there are challenges and sometimes I get discouraged.  I try and focus on the things that turned out awesome and look for ways to improve the not so great.  Much of it is weather related, which is obviously out of my control.  But some things can be mitigated and that is where I look for change.  I appreciate you taking the time to eat seasonally and supporting your local farmer.  Sincerely. Thank you.
This Week’s Bounty: chard, corn, melon, edemame, leek, celery, beans, carrot, beet, tomaot, potato, eggplant, hot pepper, basil, dill, cilantro

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