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West Gardiner BeefLittle Ridge FarmHome Delivery $0.60 per mile

Amount Ordered

Chuck Roast
(Popular for pot-roasting (braising). The fat gives extra flavor.)
A Roast and a SteakCut into SteaksPut in Hamburg

Roast Size
2-3 lbs3-4 lbs4-5 lbs

Steak Thickness
Suggested for grass-fed beef is at least 1.25, less likely to overcook due to leanness.

Eye of Round
Minute SteaksRoast

Ribeye SteaksRib Roast

London Broil SteaksRoast

Hamburg/Stew Beef Packaging
1 lb2 lb

Stew Beef
("several" is about 4-6 lbs per quarter)
NoneFew PackagesSeveral Packages

(Tied for smoking/cooking whole, flat if you want to cut it first.)
Yes, FlatYes, TiedNone, put in hamburg

Soup Bones
(If no, meat is scraped off and put in hamburg or stew beef.)

Organs/Dog Bones
LiverTongueHeartSuetDog Bonesmix nonselected organs into hamburg

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