Looking on the Bright Side

Well I cannot say this May has been easy.  Many of the farm’s tribulations are weather related and although I try and not dwell on them too much (admittedly you will probably get tired of reading about it), I think it is good to give folks a healthy perspective of what we deal with/how we handle things that are out of our control.  A little reality insight into the romanticized farming life.  Strictly for educational purposes…not to complain…I Do Love my Job : )
As I type this VERY least minute Blog, right before pick up starts, it is raining yet again (surprise, surprise).  And since I am running late and need to get pick up set up, I will mostly show pictures this week, with some captions of the highs and lows from May….although funny enough, they are all highs and lows withing just 5 days!!
We planted and covered over 1000 plants in one day!  
And then the wind ripped apart our remay and decorated the trees.
Kale is looking beautiful in the greenhouse
Our “Sink Hole” field has held on to its namesake by sucking me in while trying to aerate the soil.  Luckily my neighbor has a larger tractor and he pulled me out.

The greenhouse is BUSTING at the seams and looking lively.  LOADS of planting to be done in the next couple of weeks … just need to get the fields dry enough to prep!!
The pigs are out and about.  A little skittish still but fence trained, seemingly well behaved and vigorous.  Be sure to visit them!

Borrowed equipment….a mulch layer.  I bought a drip tape attachment (the thing sticking upright) which lays the drip tape under the plastic.  When this mulch layer is working perfect, it goes so smooth and MUCH faster than laying everything by hand like we used to do (sorry Jean). Not that I love using plastic but in our colder, shorter season it enables us to grow better crops for those that like it hot (winter squash, tomatoes, peppers, melons, cucumbers and sweet potatoes).
Plastic all layed and ready to be planted — yeah!!

Celery and Celeriac going in the ground with the help of an awesome crew!
Thank you all for supporting Little Ridge Farm!  We would not be here without you and we enjoy serving you with product that is tended to with love.

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, tat soi, kale, cilantro, dill, lovage, beets, spinach and asparagus

The Farmer’s Table (A peek at what we eat in a week using the products we grow)
*Fresh pork shoulder, smoked in our smoker with shredded carrot/beet salad
*Grass Fed Beef Steak Salad
*Cheeseburgers with local cheese, roasted parsnips and spinach salad

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