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ButcherLittle Ridge Farm

Amount Ordered

Cured (nitrate-free and smokedFresh (pork belly)

Hams and Hamsteaks
Cured (nitrate-free and smoked)Fresh (not cured)

Shoulder Roast
Cured (nitrate-free and smoked)Fresh

Ham Size
3-4 lbs4-5 lbs5-7 lbs

Roast Size
3-4 lbs4-5 lbs5-7 lbs

Chops and One Loin RoastNo Chops, Loin Roasts onlyChops and Two Loin Roasts

Would you like the tenderloin packaged separate?

Pork Chops
3/4" thick1.25" thick2 chops/pkg4 chops

Boston Butt (The Butt Roast is great for smoking, baking or grilling. The country style spare ribs are NOT spare ribs, they are from the shoulder and are more fatty (ie flavorful)
Roast and Country Style Spare RibsCountry Style Spare Ribs only

Spare Ribs (These are the classic bone-in pork ribs)
YesNo, put in sausage

Sausage (you may choose more than one)
Ground, no spicesMildSweet ItalianHot and Spicy

Fat Back/Leaf Lard (The leaf lard can be rendered into lard and used for cooking/baking. The fat back is a great flavoring for meals and if cut in tiny pieces, it can be a bacon substitute.)
Leaf LardFat Back, smokedFat Back, freshNone

Ham Hock (These will have a little meat on them and are great for flavoring soups.)
Yes, 1Yes, 2Yes, smokedYes, not smokedNo, put in sausage


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