My college friend Darci and I at “Tom’s Thumb” in Scottsdale, AZ.

Happy almost Spring Equinox!! Last night as I lay in bed, I realized that I still needed to write this blog and that I forgot to write the February one.  (sorry about that.)  My excuse is that I was focused on prepping for the Feb CSA pick up and then preparing the farm so that we could leave for 2 weeks!  We journeyed west to visit a couple of my college friends in AZ and then to see my brother and his family in CA.  I thought I would share a little “behind the scenes Farmer K”.


My brother Kyle, me, sister-in-law Sandy and niece Sara at Disneyland!

Sunny CA was not so sunny while we were there.  It rained most of the time and it was a high of maybe 58.  For Christmas I had asked my family to bring me to Disney, as they have season passes and love it.  We braved the weather and had a great time!  Not like the amusement park days I remember of wondering around and randomly deciding to head across the park to a ride.  Nope.  It was a RACE with a cell phone map and line counter, reservations for food and pre-order for coffee.  Luckily I was with folks in the know or I would have been completely lost and late for everything : )


Zach and I at a Rave party

Some friends of ours love to have theme parties and this one was a dooozy.  Too hard to explain the details…in short, we were asked to dress up in Rave gear.  I had a blast at a thrift store in CA searching for the perfect outfit.  I even found boots with the zodiac on it and a gold sweater with a warning label not to get too close to flames.  lol.  Zach donned his purple wig and silver shirt bought in New Orleans.   And I my glitter lashes and funky bird earrings : )

Now it is back from fantasy and jumping into full farm mode.  Tens of thousands of onion seeds are already sprouting and we are prepping the hoop house soil for planting.  It’s been a fun winter and I am happy for the remaining snow.  Never do I wish time away, as there is lots to enjoy in the present moment.  Ya never wanna miss a chance for a good hike, a wet carnival ride or to dress up in glitter!!!

Enjoy the goodies of the season,