shiny red cabbage

Although I wish we would have gotten this rain 2 months ago, I am still grateful for it.  Its is fun watching crops burst with color and growth.  It feel like I have finally settled into summer and all its bounty, and then realize it is September!!  Fall is in the sounds, light and smells around the farm and it is time to start thinking about packing up for the season.  The onions have done well and we need to get them in the barn to cure.  The potatoes are also ready for gathering with the dry summer ending their growth a little earlier than usual.  The “problem” is that we are still busy harvesting daily crops like zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes.  We are finding it hard to fit everything in in a day!

pigs enjoying corn stalks

The deer have been SUCH a pain this year, eating lots of crops.  The clever little buggers have been dining on the corn in the center of the filed, so on the periphery it looks like the corn is not touched, but when one walks into the center, it looks like a tornado hit!  The tricky thing with corn is that the taste is best right after harvest and starts to become less sweet the longer it is in storage, so we are not comfortable harvesting it all and holding it for sales.  So we are going to try a few more scare tactics today to try and save the remaining ears until our hunter returns.  In the meantime, the pigs are happy to dine on the half eaten ears and sugar sweet stalks.

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This Week’s Bounty: chard, zucchini, summer squash, sweet onions, sweet peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, melons (full shares), parsley, basil