Hello raindrops!!!

Ahhhhh moisture!  We ended up with just shy of 1″, mostly soft, at night and perfect.  I  definitely feel better, like the electrical current of my body is working again.  Hopefully the plants got a nice long drink and the next rain shower won’t wait so long to fall.

Oh deer

We have been sharing quite a bit with the deer lately.  This week we picked our first green beans on leafless plants (photo above).  The poor plants have been sad because of the drought and then every effort of growth they out in gets whacked nightly by deer.  We have a second planting started, hopefully it will have more luck than the first!!

Summer squash and zucchini are in full swing, cucumbers are coming soon and there are lots of bright raspberries and flowers to pick!  Everything is delicious and precious and full of life — we hope you enjoy.

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, sugar snap peas, zukes, summer squash, celery, kohl rabi, kale, scallions, purplette onion, dill, cilantro

The Farmer’s Table: (a look into what we have eaten with the bounty)

Caesar Salad Dressing

Lots of sliced veg (kohl rabi, carrots, snap peas) in hummus

Steak Salad

Local fish and a side of sautéed kale