As Simon ages, our farm is harboring more critters.  He learned his lesson with Porcupine long ago, but he still had a flare for groundhogs.  He used to hear their whistle from across the farm and bolt in its direction, now I say “did you hear that?!” and he briefly perks up one brow and then lays back down.  That is ok, I understand.  I had a one on one with a junior groundhog today after I saw a few pepper plants beheaded….a threat? warning? compromise? we will see.


This burgundy beauty is a cousin to the green tat soi.  Same great flavor with a little more style.  She can be diced and eaten raw in a salad for a little bite or sautéed on the side or tossed in with eggs in a quiche or baked with pasta.  Bursting with Vit C & A, Potassium and, Calcium a sure win for your taste buds and health!  (think Popeye!)


Visited the Franklin Park Conservatory while I was in Ohio this weekend.  Beautiful Chihuly glass in amongst the plants and incredible animals made entirely of plants.  This bison was the most realistic and regal.  What a treat!

This is my first week using my “new” blog on my “new” website — check it out! I still have a few improvements I want to make, trying to make it easier for folks to buy online and sign up for shares.  And bring in a “text reminder” for CSA pick up days : )  I have a few ‘widgets” I want to add to this blog … just have to figure out how to do it!!!

This Week’s Bounty: red cloud tat soi, lettuce mix, spinach, pac choi, onion, gold ball turnip, parsnip, cilantro, dill ….