Fall on the Farm

Those of you who have been shareholders for awhile know that this time of year is my favorite. Vibrant woods, cooler air and so much to be thankful for. I had the honor to host a yoga class here on Monday evenings in trade for a summer share. A couple of employees from here and a couple from a friend’s farm took a break from work and stretched our weary bodies. Of course the stretching felt amazing (and was much needed), but what captured me most each week was the powerful connection to land. Resting my forehead on the ground brought me energy and gratitude. I could imagine light flowing through me, into the soil, back up through the air; some coming back to me and some going back into the community. Many, many times I have been stopped in gratitude at a sight or feeling on our farm, I am ever so grateful to feel its connection and I hope you do too, weather it be when you are here or when you are enjoying some of our products.

As we finish the Summer CSA this week, I hope you can take a moment to consider what buying a share from Little Ridge Farm has done for you, the environment, the community and how impactful it is. I know at times some of you feel overwhelmed with too much food. But maybe instead of being overwhelmed look at is as an opportunity to share food with a friend or neighbor, to create new meals, to improve your health, to give thanks for what one tiny seed provided. As always I am thankful for you, the consumer, who has voted for so many positive things with your food dollar. We look forward to feeding you and sharing in this wonder this winter and in seasons to come.

Blessings on your meal,


This Week’s Bounty: lettuce mix, chard, watermelon radish, celery, rainbow carrots, beets, sweet/hot peppers, fennel bulb, winter squash, tomato