Farm Colors

Every year there are crops that do well and others not so well.  And every day there are parts of the farm that catch my eye and others that make my stomach tighten.  It’s amazing how every growing season carries it’s own challenges and triumphs (or luck?) and that how one can be a farmer for over 20 years and so much of it is still up to Mother Nature.
Along with lovely tomatoes, the celery has been stellar this year.  Beautiful and sweet.  I went a little overboard on how many I planted, so I hope you are enjoying it because you will see it for the next several weeks :)   Also note that celery can be blanched and frozen for yummy winter soups and stews.
Summer lettuce has been a bit of a struggle but this new variety “Magenta” has been a delight.  A mini red romaine, light flavored and crunchy….perfect for blts!
I feel lucky to have another wonderful melon year!  The flavor is AMAZING!! and the size has been quite generous too.  They are a short season but such a treat!
The turkeys were not so sure of the colorful melons….they circled around them and clucked and gawked but none dared to try them.  Wow those turkeys are such Chickens!!
This lovely sunset kept me company on my long drive home from a cabbage delivery last Thursday night.  I had a moment wishing I were at the farm to enjoy the scene but then I was grateful to have a Maine family business to sell an incredible cabbage crop to (heads as big as basketballs!) who will turn it into some amazing kim chi!  
This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, celery, peppers (sweet and hot), beans (yellow, green and dragon), beets, melon, tomato, basil … 
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