Sunny September

The farm runs with lots of generous help from my employees, work shares, trades and volunteers. Every day lends itself to a long list of tasks and some days I am not sure how we will get it all done; many days we don’t!  But yesterday’s list was important to complete.  Harvesting and covering cold sensitive plants as the forecast was predicting a low of 37.  It worked out perfectly.  Michael, a person I trade a share with was able to stay later into the evening and help me finish the majority of the list.  Of course days preceding the coldest nights always seem to be crazy windy, so wrestling fabric is always fun, and an extra set of hands is precious.  I used blankets to cover the cherry tomatoes and when the wind finally died down, I went out with my head lamp to make sure everything was still in place (only a few minor adjustments were needed, thank goodness).  It’s hard to believe we are covering up for cooler weather after such a humid and heat filled summer, two of those days were just last week!

With the cooler weather shift, we have a veggie shift.  By now the cukes and zukes are tired, but the fall brassicas and squash are stepping up.  Eating seasonally is second nature to me now and I have not missed a cucumber, but I have been devouring melons and peppers.  Two fruits whose season is short and I seem to crave them when they are here.  I have also been super into tomatoes this year and am happy with the bountiful harvest.  We pulled in 600 lbs yesterday out of the field!  These tomatoes are slated for Turtle Rock Farm, who turns them into yummy specialty products (find them on FarmDrop!)

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, corn, melon, celery, pepper, soybean, parsnip, squash, tomato, onion, broccoli/cauliflower, parsley, basil and maybe some cilantro : )

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