The deer have found the chard this year so when we harvested lasted week, we had to cut out several leaves that had been munched.  The pigs LOVE chard, so they profited in the loss…I am beginning to wonder if it was a conspiracy : )
Senior Chuck has been a bad bird too.  He has been dining on our blueberries which is ok, I don’t mind sharing a few, but yesterday I discovered he helped himself to some newly transplanted lettuce.  Hmmmm I am pretty sure we have loads of grass around for him to eat.  bad Chuck.

Tomatoes are beginning to ripen and they are oh so good and beautiful! So far it has been a good year for tomatoes and the field plants are looking as good as the hoop house ones.  We harvested a colorful array yesterday afternoon from the field.  They are mostly the smaller varieties, but he slicers are starting to turn color too!
I am looking forward to a bit of rain today, but hoping the storm is not damaging.  It looks like it is not going to hit us as much as originally planned.  I am excited for the break in the heat today, it has definitely been warm.  I usually do ok on a hot day, but it’s the day after where my body feels exhausted.  Getting out of bed this morning was not so easy : )
This Week’s Bounty: lettuce (? possibly not, I am not sure the next planting is ready), zukes, cukes, chines cabbage, beans, peas, pac choi, purplette onions, broccoli, eggplant, dill and tomatoes (just a few this week)
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