This photo was taken Saturday night just after 8pm… the pea patch, not along a river as my beer may suggest.  This time of year you can often find me late night harvesting peas or raspberries or just wondering the farm talking to my plants.  It’s a lovely way to spend a summer evening.  TODAY however, I am inside the AC writing this Blog and catching up on emails.  If one’s pores get cleansed by sweating, then mine are squeaky clean after this afternoon.  HOLY MOLY WAS IT HOT!  We persevered and weeded 200′ of near lawn and harvested over 170lbs of green beans.  Yes you read right, beans!  (tomatoes are coming soon, but not quite : )

And this picture… I just had to add it again.  I have never had such an amazing crop of raspberries.  There are millions of them and this heat makes them ripen ever so quickly — please please come when you can!  come multiple times! 
Lot of new crops to harvest, we are keeping up as best we can with all that needs tending.   We are nearly done with transplanting for the year, so now it is the final weeding and harvest harvest harvest. There are many many planting I am very pleased with, so beautiful and plentiful. Hope you are enjoying every bite!! 
This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, hakurei turnip, sugar snap peas, broccoli, cukes, zukes, summer squash, green beans, kale, chard, baby carrots, basil, parsley and scapes
The Farmer’s Table:
I am sure you need another kitchen gadget, right?!
We LOVE our spiralizer.  We mostly use it on zucchini.  We either steam the spirals or lightly saute them, then use them just like pasta with red sauce or olive oil and other veggies.  
In the morning, we cook them up with eggs — so so so good
No need to be afraid of a large zucchini ever again!

Broccoli and Beer Cheese — we do not use the bread on top and it is still magnificent : )
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