A few weeks ago I asked for a “smidge” of rain and someone commented that we need way more than a smidge.  And indeed, we did, but I am farmer enough to know to be careful what you wish for … “1 smidge” is > or = 3 inches (we got 9) and a “bit of heat” is > or = to 85 …. we have been at a Heat Advisory for the last 3 days : )  Oh my it has been hot!  Sent the crew home early today.  I just went out to start the tractor to do a little evening cultivating.  Yowza!  I think I will wait another couple hours!  The pigs have a nice moat and they have been lounging like hippos in the mud.
We went from dust dry to drowning pretty quickly and it has been nice to have a bit of a break from daily rain.  Of course we all know as humans we need Oxygen to breathe, but did you know our cells metabolize that oxygen tp give us energy?  Plants need oxygen for the same reason.  Root respiration is very important in organic production because the root zone is full of natural microorganisms responsible for converting organic nutrients into usable ions (think plant food). These microorganisms require oxygen since they work and respire too.  When the soil becomes saturated there is no room for oxygen and the plants cannot respire, therefore cannot take up nutrients and therefore cannot grow.  These few drying days have allowed most of our plants to recover for a breath but a few, in the wettest spots, need a little assistance and so I will add additional fertilizer to get them jump started again.  It’s mostly the cucumbers and zucchini … the cabbages and broccoli look amazing and the onions are bulbing up nicely!!

stir fry delight!  hope you are having fun eating your veggies.  be sure to share your favorite recipes!

This Week’s bounty: lettuce, cabbage, mini red onion (pictured above), radish (i think, maybe), tat soi, pac choi, broccoli, zukes, summer squash, cucumbers (!), beets with greens, sugar snap peas, basil, scapes
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