Summer’s Bounty

Today has been a busy harvest day!  Lots to chose from, but I think I have settled on some perfect ingredients for a summer meal. Garlic Scapes are a new addition to your plate this week.  They are the flowering stalk of garlic.  Some argue that by nipping it off, more energy goes into producing a bigger bulb.  Either way it does not hurt the plant and the scapes taste great!  They are juicier than garlic with a lighter flavor.  They can be sauteed, pureed, fried, pickled, used in a flower arrangement…so many unique uses!!

While we do not have enough strawberries to open for PYO, we have been harvesting enough to put in the freezer for Winter Shares, and jam as well as have a few quarts for sale at pick up.  They look gorgeous and taste delightful.  I enlisted free labor (Mom and Dad) to help top them for freezing : )
Berry picking is one of my favorite farm tasks. It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing that I will not make my money back for labor and materials we put into growing them last year. Although I am very sad we cannot open the patch for PYO, I am thankful we are getting what we can and I am hopeful the plants will regrow and be happier for next year!  
PYO Flower Garden opens this week!  The kaleidoscope of colors is brilliant.  Be sure not to cut too low as some of the plants are still growing.  Let these intricate beauties brighten your day!!
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Eat a Treat for LACO (our local food bank)
It’s our annual food bank fundraiser next week, July 16th and 19th
And while we will still have Big Dipper ice cream, we are also going to have some locally made ice pops containing locally sourced fruit!!

This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, radicchio, beets with greens, hakurei with greens, broccoli, green cabbage, scallions, garlic scapes and parsley

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