Summer Rains

Although we did not need any more rain this weekend, I will admit I enjoyed the thunderstorms.  The rolling thunder, darkened skies and streaks of lightening.  The air feels so alive and the sky so near.  This week looks quite a bit drier and warmer so I am excited to see how much the plants grow!!

The pigs are delighted to be in fresh pasture.  It was actually bitter sweet to move them because the field was so sweet and beautifully picturesque with daisies and clover, I didn’t want the pigs to crush it.  But this is why we grow it, so the pigs have a place to frolic and fresh greens to eat.  
We have a bit of pork left to sell for October pick up….if anyone is interested, let me know!


And this past week we received our Turkeys.  Yes, it is quite amazing, they come in the mail.  They are hatched in Ohio and then sent overnight to our post office.  For such a long journey, they do amazingly well.  This bunch has been quite chatty, but also super friendly.  They have taken a quick liking to their new “moms” (Simon and I : )  Be sure to visit them often!
Hope your summer meals are tasting scrumptious! 
This Week’s Bounty: lettuce, spinach? radish, chinese cabbage, hakurei turnip….
The Farmer’s Table: (A glimpse into what we ate this week using LRF and other local goods)
*beef briskett with rhubarb bbq
*radish and spinach greens sauteed in fat back
*super yum crudites — kohl rabi, radish and broccoli with a yogurt dill dip
*FLUX — if you have not dined there yet, do!!  We had amazing meals there Saturday night.  Our friends there do an incredible job with our produce and other local products, be sure to check them out!

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