It’s all about the Pepper!

It has been gloriously fun picking peppers these past few weeks!  The plants are just loaded with these beauties….

We harvested over 350 pounds!  I can’t say that I meant for them to be ready all at once, but that seems to be how peppers grow.  The plants grow big and strong, decorated with delicate white flowers, and before you know it the plants are falling over with huge green peppers, and then…they just sit there, for WEEKS, and then one day, BAM! they are all brightly colored.

Feast your eyes and stomach on this wondrous fruit!  Make fresh salsa…

stuffed peppers…

stuffed peppers a la spaghetti squash–yum!!
Roast them, freeze them eat them in the winter in a red pepper bisque or lasagna or……  whatever you do, preserve these beauties for your winter meals…you will be so glad you did!
This week’s colorful BOUNTY!  lettuce, arugula, radish, chinese cabbage, tomato, pepper, beet, chard, onion, hakurei turnip, potato